Do you believe in guardian angels? As a child I answered in the affirmative, believing guardian angels to be constant companions guiding and protecting us. As an adult, the idea of a guardian angel seemed very childlike, silly and pure fantasy. Apparently, God felt my long held attitude was ripe for change.

St. William’s Eucharistic Adoration Ministry has options in place in case an adorer does not show up for his/her assigned coverage. Recently, my 3:00 am relief coverage did not show and I could not stay until 5:00 am for the next scheduled adorer. In this situation, I felt the only viable option was to phone the coordinator (Eileen Wood) to relieve me although I dreaded waking her (and possibly her family) in the middle of the night. Of course there was another option, which I never considered viable. This option, as stated to me was “text me and ask your guardian angel to tell my guardian angel to wake me to read your text message.” My plan was to send the text, as it could not hurt and then, after receiving no response, phone Eileen. Needless to say, I was stunned and very surprised when I received a return text within 10 minutes. A return text, in 10 minutes, at 3:30 am! How could this happen? Eileen later told me that she had woken up and felt a need to check her text messages.

I am extremely grateful for this experience in the St. Eugene de Mazenod Perpetual Adoration Chapel, as it has reunited me with a childhood companion whom I abandoned many years ago but who obviously never abandoned me.

John A

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