Be sure to mark your calendars for Sunday, Nov 10th for our Annual Potluck Dinner in the Lower Church starting at 6 pm!

To make sure that we have an appropriate mix of food items, we are suggesting the following breakdown of food categories. However, if you have a particular specialty that you would like to share that is not on your day listed below, go ahead and bring that instead.

Sunday – appetizers
Monday – salads or soups
Tuesday – entree
Wednesday – entree
Thursday – side dish (vegetables or starch)
Friday – bread/rolls/butter or bottled water
Saturday – fruit or homemade dessert

If you and/or other members of your family are scheduled for more than one day of the week, choose either category.

If you are a substitute adorer, choose any category you would like.

NB: If you are unable to bring anything, please come to the dinner anyway. There is always plenty of food

We will provide additional drinks and paper products and eating utensils.

Please fill in the form to RSVP.

Eileen and Diane


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